Re: Need help with screen resolution settings on Sony Experia XZ #viewing #android

Bill G

I think win 7 is throwing a big wrinkle in the process....
I am sure you googled it as best u can, sure hope you can resolve it...
so how is the view?   You are getting a glimpse of what we are all shooting for in an off-the-shelf product?  What other viewers would you compare this to?  MF film?

On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 2:49 PM Wright Carlton via <> wrote:
Thanks for the instructions but they were the same as I tried.  My problem lies I think is the Sony device not being recognised afterfrom the prompt 'abd devices'  ... just a blank line and not  'phone ID num should appear'.  Also as I understand the 'abd shell' is only required for Windows 10 (I am using Windows 7) ...nonetheless I did try with the statement and it is not recognised.

As for synchronous video playing, well that is the nub.  The long story is that using Sony Galley provides great 8k view, but I need to swipe the image forward manually on each phone.  This is because the slide show seems to have no settings I can control for speed or disolve.  So it has a random transition incluing zoom and pans, toataaly unuseable.  So I created a 4k each side video to play on their Video App (using PrShow).  This AVI is not recognised by the Sony applicaton unless it is converted first during transfer from PC to phone.  Of course then when I play it the resolution is back to 1920x1080 even though this was all done within the Sony Video app.  It will play with VLC for Android, but this is when the phone itself will not play it at the native 2160x3840.  SO AT EVERY STAGE A CHALLENGE IS SET UP!  If I can play it at 4K that will be great, even for synch.  As VLC on its display has a temporarary time elapsed.  so I can take both back to 0.00 and as long as I press play on each screen at the same time it plays pretty wekk with slide transition.  Of course a real video will need much better synch, so if anyone has an answer I'd love to know that as well.  Here is a photo of my initial construction. Note I have simply used a 3.0 set of spectacles to view through.  For me I also wear some 2.0 spectacles to get spot on focus (I a need to wear reading glasses norally).  Using spectacles allows me to have a wide enough FOV.  

Inline image



On Saturday, October 3, 2020, 12:06:45 AM GMT+10, <bglick97@...> wrote:

Congrats on your 4K Wheatstone, we would love pix and your feedback!  I locked my Sony phone in 4k as follows... these are very finiky commands, so be careful, a few others tried it, and my instructions did work...  hope it works for you....

cant remember how thorough my notes are... I think some of the android programs needed to be downloaded, but not positive...  several different android > PC programs, it might work without... maybe if someone ever perfects these details, it should be posted here for everyones benefit, as it can take many hours figuring out how to lock these phones in 4K.

With usb cable connected phone to PC...

On PC, got to cmd prompt
at cmd prompt type > adb devices
phone ID num should appear

then type > abd shell
a new prompt should appear now, you can enter commands.

type wm size 2160x3840 press enter
the change should be visible immediately on the phone screen)

type wm density 820 on the command line, press enter (This is from Matej, but I dont think this step is required, but I did it anyway)
  1. (the change should be visible immediately on the phone screen)

You are done - phone should stay in full 4K rez

To switch the phone back to FullHD, use wm size 1080x1920 and wm density 410

location of my adb file
C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools\abd.exe

On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 2:45 AM Wright Carlton via <> wrote:
Hi I have created my own wheatstone viewer with two Sony xpedia xz phones (thanks for the earlier thread beautifully ...effectively 8K screen 3dusing Gallery in Sony).  However I need to lock the Sony's to 4k for other video apk but no luck so far.  Followed instructions for Developer Mode on the phone (although it says File Transfer not File Transfer (MTP)).  Then with the adb using Windows 7 on my PC with the prompt adb devices it does not return with any found devices described.  I guess as a result irt will not accept wm size 2160x3840 as a valid request.  Any thoughts?


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