Re: N3D New stereoscopic 3D system


The level of confidence used in the ad looks very excessive compared to the demo video shown on the page.

In this video, the first thing I noticed is that the left and right images are reversed compared to what is written in its metadata. This is not a problem with the devise itself, but it gives a really bad first impression.
If the image processing is part of the product, there is certainly a bug to fix (by the way, my player was additionally unable to figure out the correct aspect ratio until I forced it).

The second point that pop from the video, after the left and right images are swapped to the correct eye, is that the two sides shake independently.
This changes the alignment at every frame (vertical error and depth variation combined) which is thus almost always bad. This is pretty annoying while viewing and totally violate the claim that the device allow for "production of natural 3D stereoscopic content without distortions and viewing problems" which is the main claim.

A third point easily spotted is that the disparity is very high. The description says that it is designed to be viewed on a 27" screen, which, if I assume a 16:9 ratio of the screen, makes some disparities largely exceed (more than 8cm) all interocular distance even if the pictured environment does not really include the "infinity". This disparity seen from a close distance (as suggested) is likely to create large divergence which will induce "viewing problems" for sure.


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