Nintendo 3DS glasses free with eye tracking as an enticement to take up 3D #viewing #futureOf3D

Michael Levine

I think the topic "Another formerly popular 3D system discontinued. Why?" was originally about the demise of the 3DS. It morphed into a much lengthier and at times challenging discourse and I think my post got lost in it.

We call for new members to the stereo community and note there are photographers using faux stereo on Instagram and elsewhere who need to be informed of the “true” 3D they are actually creating.

I wrote about how I rediscovered the New 3DS XL and why it has merit as a low cost vehicle for glasses free viewing to entice new 3d recruits and especially the social media wobble photographers and sbs etc to 2 pic glasses free eye tracking easy sweet spot 3d for them and their friends.

As I type this I look down at my New 3DS XL and every time regardless of position there is a 3D view without any effort at all. The Commander tablet to my right requires me to sit at a limited set point to view 3d.

I should point out that I have a number of glasses free tablets, phones and the W3. My view is that none are as easy for the uninitiated to view with an eye tracking camera on the 3DS and the resolution is more than acceptable for this introductory purpose. There will no doubt be those who do not agree.

I have not checked if something similar has been posted before but in any event an easy non technical project may be due for revival anyway.

1. A first time only requirement is
a) enable SBM1 file share in Windows Features in Windows Start.
b) in system settings/data management on your Nintendo use the microSD management feature which effectively sets it up as discoverable on wifi - very easy and I suggest you give it the name Nintendo when asked.
2.Create a folder in Windows and name it to Nintendo's requirements (such as 102NIN02 but also see below for more).
3. Gather your mpo's (200 works fine - 2000 may not) and multi convert with Stereo Photo Maker to 1280x480 - under 80mb mostly and store them in the folder you created.
4. Use a file renamer to rename your files to Nintendo's requirements (such as ADJI0001.MPO to ADJI0020.MPO etc but also see below for more)
5. Open the Nintendo under network in windows explorer
6. In explorer drag the folder you created onto the DCIM folder on the Nintendo card

View your photos using the Nintendo camera choosing slideshow all with random or chronological order. In settings you can set

a) 9 music types or mute background
b) Ken Burns zoom or not
c) 3 or 10 seconds or 1 or 3 minutes or rapid duration for each photograph
d) shutter, dissolve, page turn, wash or random mix for the transition

If all the above resulting slideshow does not impress your non 3d friends nothing will!

Some detail on files and folders
I had 2000 files and 7 folders in a previous attempt with very difficult manual transfer before I realised about the microSD management.

Interestingly I found 2131 pictures in just one folder so I am not sure you need more than one folder.

Here is a list of my folder and file numbers to assist (I am unable to fathom any reason behind the numbering).


102NIN02 through to 107NIN07 (7 in all).


The file naming convention in folder 102NIN02 was

ADJI0001.MPO to ADJI0020.MPO.

ADJP0001.MPO to ADJP0062.MPO.

ADJU0002.MPO to ADJU2050.MPO.

When I took new photos the convention was 100NIN03 for the folder, and HNI_0001 and following for the pics.

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