Re: Another formerly popular 3D system discontinued. Why?


>  He already talked about this point at least two times in this thread.
I have not seen any mathematical justification of how any deviation (the 3d experience u mention) can be discerned by the human eye or by any recording system at these extreme distances without distortion.  There must be "some" deviation to declare a better 3d experience, vs. just viewing dual 2d images.  Hence my question.

Sorry, I somehow missed a part of your answer and question.
There will be no perceptible depth difference between elements in the image, but I understood that it is the z-position of this image without depth itself (which would indeed be deeper than the display surface) on which he focused specifically. However, I will let him detail because, as I hope you understood in my (badly worded) answer, I do not share this opinion.


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