The fourth dimension WASAnother formerly popular 3D system discontinued. Why?

John Clement

In science a given theory which fits existing facts, but cannot predict a new effect which can be verified, is usually deprecated.  A fourth spatial dimension is one of these ideas.  It is basically science fiction or fantasy, so I would say it is not a believable model at present.  While there are models for the universe and reality that incorporate multi-dimensionality, they have never been able to find evidence for these dimensions, so I really doubt that physicists do believe in these dimensions.  So far they are just mathematical abstractions.  Some models claim the extra dimensions are coiled up and are microscopic.  It is like cold fusion.  The Physicists who understand the nuclear realm said it was nonsense, and they were right.  One idea is that our universe is like a 4 dimensional soap bubble and we are just holograms imprinted on the surface, but again this is just a mathematical abstraction with no verification.


Yes, I think that words matter, so the “scientists believe” is not accurate, because it implies a significant number of them.  It should be “a few scientists believe”.  Actually I prefer “convinced” to “belief” when talking about science.  Good scientists change their ideas and can shift paradigms, once evidence has been supplied.  However old models are still used when they have been proven to be useful, even though they do not represent what may be thought to actually be going on.  So there may be a 4th dimension, or even a 44th dimension, but no firm evidence for it.


John M. Clement



I didnt say ALL scientists. If there are 2 believing, the statement is right.
If those (at least) 2 are right, then our 3d view is a distorted view of reality?

That's what i was saying.

Also there are lots of things that cant be 'verified', but lots of people believe in.
Try God.
Or Trumps alternative facts.

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