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robert mcafee

I just bought a new Acer XB241H which is Nvidia 3D Vision ready (no emitter in display). Best price I found for this current production monitor is P C Richard & Son in NYC area.  It has HDMI & DisplayPort inputs. To run above 60 Hz you must use the display port. 

I have used this successfully with an Alienware laptop which has a Mini DisplayPort   output (in addition to HDMI)

I am trying to find a way if possible to use an adapter/converter with the HDMI output of my other laptops. 

Thanks for the info.  Maybe I should be looking for a used desktop with suitable Nvidia card

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Finally are you connecting yours to a desktop or laptop and what type of video connection at the computer - hdmi? DisplayPort? DVI?

answer - Desktop, Dual Link DVI  (DVI-D) at 120Hz.  I don't think that any other type of connection will work for Nvidia 3D Vision.

Jim Tozour

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