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robert mcafee

Finally are you connecting yours to a desktop or laptop and what type of video connection at the computer - hdmi? DisplayPort? DVI?

I have 2 laptops with 3D Nvidia GeForce video cards, an external Nvidia emitter and required glasses but these laptops have only HDMI output and for the 3D to work (to operate monitor above 60Hz) you must connect to the monitor’s DVI or DisplayPort. That’s fine of course except on the computer end I don’t have either type of port. I was hoping I could use an HDMI to display port or DVI (depending on available monitor inputs) active adapter but it is not clear to me if this will work. 

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Some data on the auction listings suggests these may be refurbished.

Some were listed as new in box, some as refurbished. Mine was listed as new in box and it is new in original box.

I think something is wrong with one of the two listings that are left, the shipping price shown is about twice what it was for mine to the same location.

Jim Tozour

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