Re: 3D Vision Monitor

robert mcafee

Nice deal. What glasses are needed for this?  

Did the monitor come with glasses?

If you have received yours, have you been able to make it work for 3D display?

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 01:31:23 PM EDT, jetozour <jtozour@...> wrote:

I have been using an Asus VG236H 3D Vision ready monitor for a long time and I love it. It is TN. This thread prompted me to look for a spare 3D monitor in case I outlive my Asus. I just received  a "new in box"  Planar SA2311W 3D Ready Monitor from ebay for $106 with tax and shipping. Of coarse, it was made long ago, but it is "new in box" and works great. The manual is from 2010.  It is also TN. The stand is shorter than the one on the Asus, but a book or two would correct that. I think that there are more available.

Jim Tozour

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