Re: Another formerly popular 3D system discontinued. Why?


it is the ultimate distortion.  2-D, where everything from the closest object to infinity is squashed down to a single plane

It is funny to use this controversial statement on games.
This is one domain in which there exist a lot of two dimensional worlds obviously designed to be without depth.

I am not a gamer, so I am not able to judge the proportion of such 2D games, but just with a quick search I notice that today there are 460 (video-) games tagged with the 3D keyword and 833 with 2D keyword on steam platform website: the 3D ones probably do not use stereoscopy, but the point is that a large proportion of these seem to give no importance to a third dimension in the first place. I remember even a very creative videogame that someone showed me where the projection was part of the gameplay (the player had to change the point of view to progress in various 2D projections of the same scene, and this actually made sense in the context). To be even more extreme, a few weeks ago I modified a 1D game designed some years ago so that people can play it without touching the buttons in the pandemic vigilance context, and nobody complained about any lack of dimensions... :-D


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