Re: Bierstadt patented in cover book stereo viewer

robert mcafee

The White Mountains book used the Artotype process. My earlier posting gives some details of this process and a link where you can see some enlargements. 

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Interestingly, "Gems of American Scenery - White Mountains" was also published in 1878, and that - of course - was printed with a version of the "stochastic" technique (with a very fine random dot screen - almost like the grain of a lithographic limestone block). I have no idea whether this used "plates" as referred to by Joki, but clearly there was a viable printing technique available... It's actually not as crisp as the best of the albumen prints in the Frith book, but many of them are rather faded, so it's rather swings and roundabouts regarding the printed images in White Mountains vs the albumen prints in Frith. Of course, if you can unearth the original negative (as Denis Pellorin & Brian May have done for the Piazzi Smyth Tenerife book published in 1858) you can create much better prints :-)

Bob Aldridge

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Joki notes in 1878 no photo-mechanical half-tone process had been invented yet that could transfer original photos to plates for printing.  Therefore the reason to used tipped in photos.


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