Re: Panasonic Lumix 3d lens with Close-up Lenses vs Spacers Test

robert mcafee

Yes you can find a 49mm +5 Kenko Achromatic close up lens for $23.15 including shipping. For me I would pay additional $1.85 tax bringing delivered price to $25. 

Currently the next cheapest Kenko AC CU lens on eBay is $40 with shipping ($43.20 delivered with tax for me) and I think that one ships from Japan. Other brands of AC close up lenses of similar size can easily cost $100+. 

For me I noticed much more chromatic aberration with the non-achromat Kenko +10 lens than I observed with achromatic +3, +4 or +5 lenses. 

I too have a couple sets of close up diopters sold in sets of 4 from film days. These close up lens sets in that time frame were not that cheap. I seem to recall paying in the range of $20-$40 for a set. For what I was doing they were fine. However it has been my experience that I have more of a problem with chromatic aberration with digital than with film.  I have a Nikon 35mm f/2 lens for my DX format camera. I have very significant issues of purple fringing around areas of high contrast (not to mention back focus on my camera). 

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