Re: 3D Macro & Panasonic FT-012 3D lens

robert mcafee

Great find if your extension tube fits the FT-012 snuggly. Are the wide angle and macro lenses Achromats?  There will be an obvious difference in image quality using an achromat versus a non achromat. 

Did you need to remove the red hemispherical alignment indication feature from the FT-012 to fit the tube?  My adapter has a recess on the inner diameter to accommodate this feature. 

On Thursday, September 10, 2020, 03:59:45 PM EDT, Barry Aldous <barry@...> wrote:

For those interested in extending the range of the FT-012 lens, I have just completed an adapter based on a Sony Wide angle with Macro lens mounted using a 58mm extension tube.  The Extension tube allows other 58mm filters and lenses to be mounted onto the FT-012.
I have a collection of images yet to be uploaded.

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