Re: Double vision: Canon registers patent for stereoscopic lens for mirrorless cameras

robert mcafee

I thought all the camera manufacturers were in decline with ever increasing reduction in sales (with exception of Sony). has published data from a trade organization. With rapidly dropping sales (even before the pandemic resulted in loss of professional photo gigs and confined us all mostly at home with festivals cancelled - so what to shoot?) I would be surprised if Canon make the financial commitment to bring a very niche product to market. However, I do hope Canon proves me wrong. 

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but as we all know, these Giants file lots of patent applications but the products never get built, or get built, but never go into production.

True.  But the complexity of the optical design on this patent suggests they put quite a lot of research into it - more so than would be required just to patent a basic idea.  It seems to me they would not have put that much research into it if they had no real intention of this resulting in an actual marketable product.

>   If it does go to market, prob. a few years out min.

I suspect it will be sooner than this.  Nowadays, a few years is like an eternity.  Too much danger of competing products coming on the market in the meantime.  As you wrote: "as they give a heads-up to competitors and also reveals their general lens design."  It seems to me that putting out such a detailed optical design and then just sitting back a few years would give the competition ample opportunity to come up with a competing design.  It seems to me they would have not revealed so precisely their optical design, had they not had the product already heading for production.  I tend to give it no more than a year before the actual product is released.

Of course, again, all we can do is sit back and wait !

Nonetheless, it certainly is pretty encouraging and exciting to see Canon actually having put serious thought into such a unique stereoscopic design.


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