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robert mcafee

Chuck, apologies for temporarily making you a wealthy and famous movie star (so David is a cousin maybe?)!

I used a Dremel 3D printer with ABS like filament. I have a couple of printing error parts at my desk which I super glued face to face. I routinely flex these parts into a significantly deformed oval shape (as opposed to their undeformed cylindrical shape) and despite hundreds of such deformations no crack has formed in the material nor has the glue joint failed. I was really quite amazed. 

I used the top end Dremel table top model which supports a very fine resolution. For my nearly solid part print time was more than 4 hours/part. I had produced a few with slightly different set up (angle resolution for one) and got print time down to about 1 hr 45 min. I am sure I could produce a part that performed just as well but with shorter printing time. However my goal was to learn the SpaceClaim 3D drawing program and learn about 3D printing and required tolerances with the equipment available to me and in the process to get a couple of functional adapters for myself. I produced a few spares which I decided to sell. 

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>> David Schwimmer has also produced a similar design.


It’s *Chuck* Schwimmer, Bob. I did not star on Friends :-) Thank you for mentioning my Panasonic 3d lens close-up adapter and 3dDuo Samsung mount though!


>> As I understand his is produced in a SLS 3D printing process in Nylon.  SLS produces a better surface but is more expensive than SLA.

They are indeed both made in Nylon although I am now using a different printing process (not SLS) for the close-up adapter. Regarding the SLA vs SLS 3d printing processes, SLA actually produces a finer, smoother surface finish than SLS largely due to it being able to be printed in layers as small as 25 microns. Parts made in the SLA process are also *more* expensive than SLS parts and typically brittle until you get into some of the very expensive resins. I’ll resist going into more detail since this is a 3d photography forum, not a 3d printing one!

I actually have 6 of the Panasonic close-up lens adapters in hand ready for sale, and can fulfill orders beyond that with a 3-week lead time. The adapter now has a built-in telescoping distance focusing aid. I’ve been holding off on listing it for sale on Sell3d because I have planned to include some comparison test shots but have not had time to get that done. If this post-holiday week remains light for me, I’ll get the post up later in the week. I also have a few of the 3dDuo mounts in stock and will sell those at discount.

I think there are enough Panasonic 3d lenses out there to support sales from both of us Bob, and I encourage your thoughts of developing other 3d products to sell!


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