Re: 3D Macro & Panasonic FT-012 3D lens

robert mcafee

With regard to use of the Panasonic FT-012 3D lens on Sony or other brand cameras you note the resulting image is saved as a jpeg rather than mpo and fills the frame. 

Thigh I have not done, some posting here tape off the Panasonic lens contacts to allow recoding in Raw format rather than an mpo. 

I note the option to use this 3D lens for those who may not want to purchase another camera but are interested to try this lens. I am probably wrong but I did think someone has tried this on the Samsung NX model. 

On Sunday, September 6, 2020, 02:05:02 PM EDT, Depthcam via <depthcam@...> wrote:

> I believe Timo has successfully used the Panasonic FT-012 3D lens on a Samsung NX with a lens mount adapter

He mounts his FT-012 3D lens on a Sony A5100 using an adapter available on eBay.

> but in any event he has successfully used it on a camera other than Panasonic. 

Yes but in cases where the lens is used on other cameras, the picture fills the entire frame and records as a regular JPG, while when it is used with a compatible Lumix camera, the camera reframes the shot and saves the reframed image as an MPO.  Also, it displays a single image of the pair on the preview screen.

> In a day or 2 I will post an image of my adapter for the Panasonic 3D lens on the sell 3D group. I designed and fabricated this for myself and made a few spares

I am not clear if you are referring to an adpater to mount the lens on other cameras or the adapter you designed to mount CU lenses on the front of the 3D lens.  Which is it ?


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