3D Macro & Panasonic FT-012 3D lens

robert mcafee

I believe Timo has successfully used the Panasonic FT-012 3D lens on a Samsung NX with a lens mount adapter. If not on the Samsung then on a Sony perhaps but in any event he has successfully used it on a camera other than Panasonic. 

In a day or 2 I will post an image of my adapter for the Panasonic 3D lens on the sell 3D group. I designed and fabricated this for myself and made a few spares. These are made of an ABS like material with excellent dimensional stability and toughness.

I was going to mention Oktay’s wonderful design which I believe he offers in mounts for several different camera brands. Taking liberty to speak on his behalf, one advantage of his design is the lens can offer several different macro ratios as the focus or zoom ring changes the distance between the lenses and sensor. Initially I thought his system was focusing but was corrected that is not so. He also incorporates a telescoping pointer with markings corresponding to lens markings for indicating the correct camera distance for good focus. 

Bob in Central NY

On Sunday, September 6, 2020, 09:47:08 AM EDT, Linda N <ljnygren@...> wrote:

Yes, the video came through as well as the still. Since your hand-made lenses are not readily available, I would still recommend the Panasonic 3D lens for "point and shoot" ease. With the washer modification or with addition of closeup lenses. I prefer not to use an external mechanical probe/focus guide since this tends to spook the subjects even more than just the close lens. But the Gx7 and Gx8 have a focusing indication where the in-focus areas appear highlighted in a particular color. I also tend to "bracket" distance a bit with varying distance slightly between quick shots, if the subject is cooperative enough.

Anyway, the Panasonic 3D lens unfortunately will not allow videos, at least not on a camera that recognizes the lens. I believe that it is possible to shoot RAW and probably videos if you use a model of Pana/Oly M43 camera that fits the mount but does NOT recognize the lens, or if you tape off the lens contacts. I prefer the "easy" method of just getting the cropped and transposed, ready-to view jpgs and I don't miss the video function much. Linda

On Sun, Sep 6, 2020 at 8:30 AM akdens2 via groups.io <akdens2=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:
I don't intend to make here an advertisement of the 3D Macro lenses that I hand manufacture, which are not easily available anyway.
On the other hand I have to claim that they take 3D Macro photos of butterflies, bugs, etc.. at point & shoot ease.
Just get the pointer at the bottom of the object and press the shutter of the camera. That's it!
Tried to attach a video and a still of a butterfly but I'm not sure if the video will go through.


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