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robert mcafee

Dr T (George Themelis) has a nice PowerPoint presentation or 2 on macro 3D which is worth the search. 

Depending on desired ratio you might consider the Panasonic FT-012 3D lens and a used Panasonic GX1 (or at higher price point a used GX7 or GX8). 

As Dr Themelis notes in his presentation the 3D lens can be modified by adding some washers to move the lens pair farther from the imaging sensor to make a useful macro 3D lens.

I have designed and fabricated a slip on adapter that fits over the FT-012 3D lens allowing Achromatic close up lenses to be attached and quickly changed (as compared to adding or removing spacing washers in the field). I have 2 pieces of my adapter available with either a +4 or +5 Achromatic close up lens or a +10 non-Achromat.  These are 2 or 3 element Achromats. If interested please email me off list. I have only these 2 pieces made as  spares. 

Bob in Central NY

On Friday, September 4, 2020, 02:13:31 PM EDT, Rob Menlove via <rob.menlove@...> wrote:

Many thanks to moderators Linda and Bill for approving my request to join the Photo-3D group.  I'm posting my intro here as you suggested:


'I came across your group when searching for information on beamsplitters, as I am interested in putting together a twin rig for 3D close-up work.  I found a couple of useful threads, so I thought it would be an interesting group to join.


I’m a retired engineer, and in my previous employment I worked on the design of a stereoscopic 3D HD subsea video camera system.  Since retiring I have kept up an interest in stereo photography, working with a museum to align and clean up a few scanned glass plate negatives using SPM, and also making my own 3D photos and videos.  I’m a member of the UK Stereoscopic Society and recently attended (virtually) the NSA’s 3D-Con 2020, which I really enjoyed and has boosted my enthusiasm for 3D.  I currently use a Sony HDR TD-10 camcorder and have just purchased a Fuji W3 camera.'


I have lots to learn and I am really impressed by the wealth of information and knowledge being shared by contributors to the group.  I'm not sure I have much to offer just now that isn't already well covered, but I may have a few questions to ask over the coming months....


Here's a recent image taken using the cha-cha method. I probably need to pay better attention to framing - comments welcome!


P6021501-2sbs Poppy 1

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