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robert mcafee

Common problem with LG passive computer monitors is the power supply. Replacements are available

On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 16:09, John Clement
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How is the Asus monitor for ghosting.  My LG is having difficulties and if I find a good price on an alternative I might get it.  So far the LG has lower ghosting than 2 other monitors I auditioned.


John M. Clement


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Subject: [Photo-3d] Very Glossy 3D Monitor


We have a Zalman passive 3D monitor that has a super glossy screen that is very annoying for 3D viewing unless the room is very dark.

Fortunately we followed that with ASUS VG23AH monitors that have a very nice matte screen. 


I'm sure there are others, so look for a non-glossy one.



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