YouTube 3D viewing on Android Tablet

John Clement


Chrome on the Freevi/Flightdeck/Commander tablet displays YouTube 3D properly.  There are 2 conditions.

  1. The 3D video must be formatted according to YouTube standards which means it must have the 3D tag set.
  2. It works only in full screen.


The video is fuzzy, so I suspect it is only displaying standard resolution, not HD.  I could not bring up the Chrome options to put it into HD.  Chrome simply would not display the “gear” for selecting options.  In windowed mode a 3D video is displayed as just a raw SBS frame, which means that anamorphic 3D will have squished pictures.  Both Magix Movie Edit Pro and PowerDirector automatically produce 3D MP4 videos with the necessary tag.  You have to specify 3D output of course.


Curiouser and churioser.  I have 2 FlightDeck tablets.  Both have identical old versions of chrome 42.0…  One is completely American, while the other has some folders with “Chinese” characters.  The American one works with YouTube, but the other one does not!  On my Rokit Pro 3D the version of Chrome is 84.0…  Perhaps others can dig  into this to see what they have?  The “Chinese” version has the standard adjustments in Chrome for resolution.  Neither is upgradeable.  Both tablets have the same menus and come up with the same FlightDeck logo.  It is only when looking at folders that I came across the Chinese characters.  I assume they are Chinese, but Japanese characters according to a Chinese friend are almost the same but simplified.


Now can the Chrome developers be convinced to support other glasses free phone/tablet displays.  The vast majority are now lenticular, so the code already exists, and there is no requirement to turn on a barrier.  FlightDeck has both vertical and horizontal barriers that Chrome automatically turns on.  I did not test the barriers in portrait mode.  Go figure!  Just a simple option to format full screen for 3D would be OK.  My videos are always parallel view and work perfectly without any fiddling on FlightDeck.


I tried viewing the same video on my Rokit Pro with Chrome.  It came up SBS anamorphic, unlike my Windows browsers which automatically produced anaglyph.  With a lot of fiddling with the built in Rokit 3D display option I was able to coerce it into correct display.  However it was a battle.  I first had to select full screen in Chrome, and then HD resolution.  However along the way I tried various adjustments and some combinations moved the play/pause buttons into different locations which made using them impossible.  I think the correct sequence is play, then use the Rokit 3D display option.


Here is a sample of one of my videos:


So it is possible to view 3D formatted YouTube videos on FlightDeck, as long as they have the YouTube tag.  I is possible to view all 3D videos on Rokit 3D, but it may require a lot of fiddling.  If someone could come up with an Android app to properly format 3D for any lenticular screen, we might be a lot happier.  However, this may require a rooted phone, UGH!


I could do it, but it would require more digging into Android than I wish to pursue.  I now confine my programming to other types of things such as VirtualDub plugins.


No wonder with this sort of geeky incompatibility that 3D could not make it.  You have to be both a Geek and a 3D fanatic!


John M. Clement



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