Re: Stereo Photo Maker PRO strange issue

robert mcafee

I run the Free version of Malware Bytes on my Win 7 pro computer and have the latest 64 but SPM installed with no issue. Perhaps they are running the paid Malware Bytes which checks more items

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, 01:33:18 PM EDT, Linda N <ljnygren@...> wrote:

I wonder if your antivirus software misinterpreted the SDM exe file as malware, and removed it for you? On my windows 10 computer I use bitdefender antivirus. I just downloaded the 64bit version from the official page and my antivirus did not worry about the download. But after I extracted from the zip file and tried to open the program,  I believe it was Windows 10 that gave me a warning that it was an unknown app from an unknown source, or similar, and I had to click on "more" and "open anyway" the first time I opened it. I think that I recall getting warnings from other antivirus programs in the past when downloading these exe files, which is understandable. 

Although it is true that the 32 bit version is perfectly adequate for most users, I don't think people need to worry that the SPM page is harboring malware.  Linda N

On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 11:16 AM ron labbe via <> wrote:
Thanks, Barry... I have used many versions of SPM as well, but never had one disappear after a Malware attack!

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