Re: Platform Smartphone versus VR glasses #viewing #vrheadset #android


Perhaps I should have started a new thread since I'm stretching the
topic a bit, but...

The Weatstone concept is great, I might fit one of my early
wheatstone digital viewers with higher resolution LCD's and the
raspberry 4 with double HDMI output. And like someone said, it is
If a viewer is going to need mirrors, and if it is going to be used in
a fixed position like a museum venue, I wonder if it makes sense to
use a single largish hi-rez panel and an under/over viewer
configuration and lenses? I thought of this again because of this
reviewer's raving over the image quality of the new Galaxy S7 OLED

One of the things this approach would avoid is the need to drive and
sync two different displays. Sure there will be unused display real
estate, but I'm sure it could be put to good use if it is visible
outside of region covered by the mounted viewer.


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