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robert mcafee

Well Melinda if you are referring to my comments I did not say 3D aids action scenes. What I said is if you are going to an action adventure movie you are going to see the action scenes like car chases, explosions, etc. If going to a sci fi film you are expecting to see a view of the future or aliens or space etc. In other words we have certain expectations when choosing to view certain genres of film and a good movie of that category should have a few memorable scenes consistent with the genre which need not be over the top but should remind you that you have chosen an action adventure movie or a love story etc.  

Likewise when the general public attends a 3D film (regardless of the genre) I think they are expecting a memorable 3D scene or 2 that enforces their choice to see a 3D film. Scenes that they leave the theatre discussing with their friend or family or back at the office the next day.  The public must pay an extra fee for 3D films so they reasonably expect something extra for their experience. 

Locally (in Central NY) we have 2 theater chains. One stopped showing 3D more than a year ago and the other has only been showing in 3D for the first week of or maybe 2 sometimes. Most recent releases have been kids movies and typically animated but this theater set all the 3D showings for 8 or 9 PM which is too late for most children of the age groups targeted by these films.

On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 10:05 PM, Melinda Green
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I agree with Francois that viewers are important. The ZTE that he showed looks like a good approach, though I don't even think a better viewer is needed. Cardboard is a very underappreciated material. It's strong and light and much cheaper than any other material.

Regarding the popularity of 3D movies, I disagree with Robert's assessment that 3D aids action scenes. That's because they usually involve the camera flying all over the place, and that produces a natural type of 3D experience called motion parallax. Adding stereo adds little to nothing in those cases. What you really want in those cases is a higher frame rate. 3D adds the most in quiet scenes where the camera moves very little. That's why in my opinion Dial M for Murder and The Martian are greatly improved with 3D compared with say Transformers.


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