new experimental viewer



I just published a new viewer on Stereopix and I hope I did not break something with this big update. It seems to be fine, but let me know if I missed something.

No need to rush to see it: this first version of this new architecture will probably not have a big impact on you as a visitor for the moment, but it is a big step for the code itself. It was harder than I thought, but the most annoying part is done, I hope.

That said, if your browser allows it, you can nonetheless enable the new viewer in the overlay and play with it. In particular, see the help to know what can be done with zoom and disparity adjustments (not very hot in this first version, but it gives a preview). The "next viewer" does not have all the features of the last one yet.

I also added a feature that I cannot test myself for VR headsets. If you have a browser with WebXR support in one of these devices, I'd like to know how it looks like in it, and if there were adjustments to do for a better experience.


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