Re: Wide angle stereo - How to align and view #capturing #viewing #alignment

Antonio F.G.

On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 01:08 PM, <bglick97@...> wrote:
I viewed a few big name VR headsets with excellent capture of 360 deg, walking through nature and it truly was the holy grail of simulating WA 3d viewing.  All that lacked was the optics in the viewer, not quite up to par yet, as they are more concerned with cost then quality as gaming drives the market, and the bigger variable, the screen resolution was horrendous IMO.  
Yes, a friend show me an VR gaming system where I moved around inside a cave fighting with monsters, all in very good stereo. It was certainly amazing even though the optics quality was rather poor. But I am not interested at all on this sort of obscure proprietary systems. I want something I can tamper in, to make my own stereo panoramics, something like what we presently do with the "flat" stereo photos. I mean "flat" photos because in spite they are pairs for binocular vision, each of them is a flat projection of a small part of the scene (sensors are obviously flat). Stereo alignment transform does not change their flat nature (the "epipolar" geometry).

For panoramas I do not think we are short of quality viewers: the quality of my auto-stereo Elephone P8 3D is amazing, and it also has the sensors that would be necessary to show an VR like panorama: Gyroscope and Accelerometer. The image quality of my 4K 3DTV is much better still, it can not be moved in VR way but panoramic could explored by panning. The only thing that is missing is a lot of work in mathematics and software, but this is in our hands. Do not wait for some high quality VR system you can only use for viewing the contents sold by that same company.

I think it would be necessary to develop two things:
- A way of stitching and aligning a collection of "flat" photos into an spherical image. And of course find an adequate file format for the spherical image.
- A way to convert small sections of the spherical file in "flat" projections to show in, say, my Elephone P8 3·D, according to the sensors bearing.


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