Re: New page fluorescent minerals for sView plugin


I use Chrome browser on my Windows 10 PC, so the sView plugin version did not work. But on the page from the link in your message, there is a a link back to the "regular" page ("page 51 ebay2020"), where  clicking on each image opens it in the stereo format of my choice (LR, and zooming a bit smaller for freeviewing),  using the html5 viewer. Nice images. These lend a whole new meaning to the importance of lighting. I am sure these would look great on a 3D phone, and will look at them that way later.  Linda N

On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 6:42 AM jetozour <jtozour@...> wrote:
Oliver and Paul,
Thanks very much for the feedback. This is the problem with outdated methods like plugins. They will work on one person's setup and be unstable or not work at all on another one.

Jim Tozour

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