Re: Matej printed stereoscope pix

robert mcafee

Beautiful viewer. I like the color accents. Looks like you printed in PLA. Can you share which material you used?  Some are not very dimensionally stable.

On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 3:16 AM, Matej Bohac
<matej@...> wrote:
Thanks Bill for re-posting the images. What you sent was the first
prototype - there are some changes and refinements on the "production
model". I am attaching pictures of three different colour variants.

On 7/5/20 1:07 AM, bglick97@... wrote:
> here are some pix of the viewer...
> Matej offered different color accents, mine is RED, but these are some
> good pix of the Grey accents knobs
> will provide some more details regarding the viewer later..
> Attachments:
>  * prototype_01.jpg <>
>  * prototype_02.jpg <>
>  * prototype_03.jpg <>
>  * prototype_04.jpg <>

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