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robert mcafee

I have an account on StereoPix and have corresponded with Jack DesBwa the creator. StereoPix is very nice, undoubtedly a major effort and a labor of love. 

My favorite (most convenient for me with best results) viewing methods are my Nvidia 3DVision 3D laptop and one of several different 3D phones or tablets.

With Sview installed I am now able to view StereoPix images with NVidia but there are still some display issues for viewing on my 3D phone or 3D tablet.

Additionally I am established on Phereo with a number of images posted (though many no longer display - corrupted I suppose).

I will be adding some recent images to Stereopix. At this time Phereo (when it is working) is the familiar and convenient viewing option.

When the site was down for viewing in a Windows browser some people had still found a way to upload a few images. A member of this forum suggested this was done with Phereo Shop (which I have used in the past). Since I don't recall changing my password but cannot log in through Phereoshop I am asking if it is working for others.

On Fri, Jul 3, 2020 at 6:15 AM, Nicolas
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Hello Bob,

What advantage do you currently see in using Phereo instead of Stereopix?

I'm quite new to the world of stereoscopy, but I understand that Phereo has been encountering a lot of problems for some time. Stereopix may still lack some features (which ones?) but seems to work without any problem.


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