Re: Floating window #theory #hasImages #alignment

Antonio F.G.

On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 01:16 PM, Bob Aldridge wrote:

But, after saying that the white rectangle is the true window, you have somewhat missed the point that if your example image was projected, the black rectangle would be on the screen surface (where some misguided projectionists put the stereo window when they project with what would be the slide mounts (in film projection) exactly overlapping on the screen surface. The white rectangles in your example would be floating in space between the screen surface and the viewers.

Not so, at least in the HTML5 viewer where we can see the image both the black and the white rectangles are at screen depth (they have zero disparity in the HTML5 viewer).
What is floating in space is most of the flower that appears partially over the white frame, what certainly makes a beautiful effect.

This is may be a discussion about names, but I would say the black rectangle is not what is usually meant by stereo window. I would say it is the outer perimeter of the white frame, NOT the full thickness of the white frame. The white area is only a part of the image

The white frame is like the artistic frames of paintings: they are intended to be viewed along with the painting itself. They are actually a part of the painting.


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