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Bob Aldridge

Hmm, I see that Francois has already replied...

But I think you need to decide what you mean by "fake". If you mean an"illusion" then - as you should know by now - stereoscopy itself is an illusion!

But your word "fake" implies that there is an intent to mislead. And, I guess you could put it that way - but I prefer to call it "art" or even an "artifact" - something that is created by man. (You may have noticed that I said some "artists" create this effect. And you have been complimentary about it.)

But, after saying that the white rectangle is the true window, you have somewhat missed the point that if your example image was projected, the black rectangle would be on the screen surface (where some misguided projectionists put the stereo window when they project with what would be the slide mounts (in film projection) exactly overlapping on the screen surface. The white rectangles in your example would be floating in space between the screen surface and the viewers.

Incidentally, doesn't that bring this rambling thread right back on topic? :-)

Bob Aldridge

On 23/06/2020 10:46, Antonio F.G. via wrote:
On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 07:45 AM, Bob Aldridge wrote:

There have been a number of artists that have brought objects in violation of the window in through the window and continued the objects over the frame so the object is not occluded by the frame. And now there is no window violation!

Do you mean this?  (from a LA3D competition that is just announced recently)

Of course there is no window violation because the black "window" is a fake. The real window is the white one

This is a really beautiful effect, I wonder how it is made. I guess it is necessary to cut very carefully the borders of the flower, but I guess it should be very difficult to cut identically both sides.


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