Re: Floating window #theory #hasImages #alignment

Antonio F.G.

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 07:45 AM, Bob Aldridge wrote:

BUT because there are no depth clues in the purely horizontal parts of the frame we have no information about the shape of the frame. It could be bowed inwards towards us, so that person standing outside the window is quite naturally cut off even though they are closer that the left and right vertical edges of the frame. So window violations are not so disturbing at the top or bottom.

Now, if we make it absolutely clear tat the frame is flat - by adding captions, for instance - the violation becomes all too apparent!

Here is the same image with texts along the upper and lower borders:

The upper text appears behind the protruding branch, which looks dreadful but I would not cal it a WV. It is actually a retinal rivalry produced by the text.

This is the main reason I stopped going to 3D cinema: the sub-titles are often placed behind the scene, which made me sick. WV in the cinema are not so disturbing because the attention is focused in the middle.


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