Re: Floating window #theory #hasImages #alignment

Antonio F.G.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 01:41 PM, Melinda Green wrote:
Here's a more extreme example of mine that may help:
I have developed a "Plan & Elevation" graph to show the depths of an stereo photo. "Plan" is what you see looking normally to an stereo scene on a 3DTV. "Elevation" is what you might see looking to the 3DTV FROM ABOVE: you would see the points of the scene stacked according their depth, Near objects below and Far objects above (admittedly with Superman's eyes:-) .
The graph shows the depths of:
- Viewing device screen & Image file: these are zero disparity (zero depth) by definition
- Stereo Window: may be at any depth
- Matching points of the image proper: may be at any depth
Following is the graph of the "KrispyKreme" that shows a window violation in doughnuts of the bottom left. The "Elevation" view shows many matching points that lie in front of the Window.:

Next is the same image with a Floating Window added. F.W. here is just an stop band of a width of 38pix that offsets the Near disparity (-36pix) of the doughnut that produced the Window Violation.
Note the Window movement both in the "Plan" and the "Elevation" view. It is now slightly in front of the nearest point:


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