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robert mcafee

Does DXO or another app have automatic corrections for the barrel distortion?

On Monday, June 15, 2020, 01:59:54 PM EDT, Pierre MEINDRE <pierre.meindre@...> wrote:

Hello Mike,

Yes it does!

Here are two samples I've just taken from my home in Paris.

This one show the barrel distortion:

Another one taken against the sun :

Pictures are square.
The pictures are a whopping 32 megapixels in size: 2x 4032x4032 but if you look at the image at 1:1 zoom it's just an awful mess of pixels...
You can go down to 4096x2048 and have the same visual result with files much smaller.

A short video from the same viewpoint:

The main advantage I see is that it's very small and light (~60 grams) so taking it with me during vacations as a spare 3D camera is not a problem.
The user interface is for once a no brainer with makings, leds and button that have an obvious functions.
For the image quality I let you judge...

And oh, an added bonus: it can act as a stereo webcam if connected to a computer with the USB cable!


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does this WeeVee shoot stills?
at this low price, I bought it anyway...
seems like it was another flop, as it came out in 2017, and was not upgraded, or established any distribution....

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 7:19 AM Mike Bittner via <mikeb_954= > wrote:

As others noted, cheaper prices on eBay. Search SID Weeview.

I like it for what it is as a video camera. Some manual controls through the smartphone app, which is still supported. None of the 3D digital video cameras that came out via Kickstarter really does stills well (Weeview, Jedeye, CAP2).


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