Re: 3D Cameras


Yes, Fujifilm sold quite a few of those cameras...10 years ago.  Look, I'm going to continue to evangelize the virtues and, frankly, superiority of stereo photography until my dying breath.  But we also need to face realities.

Even at the cinema level, we are seeing very few 3D movies hit the screens these days.  And most of these are computer-animated, i.e. not live-action shot with stereo cameras.  Even with live-action, I'm shocked to see how many of them are still conversions!

And even if we want to look to the VR world, VR has stalled out for the time being.  Although this has been a viable but small niche since 2016, there just hasn't been the hardware progress they need to capture mainstream interest.

As for a potential future stereo camera, approaching such a project as a hack or kludge is just the wrong way to make a good product.  If you start with a clean sheet of paper, almost all of your problems go away or become trivial, like shutter/focus/exposure synch.  And Sony's sensor division makes sensors of all shapes and sizes, and is more than willing to sell them to you or anyone else!

As I've said before I don't believe there is anything magical about the 60-70mm range.  However, if you are starting with that clean sheet of paper, one really ought to make a flexible system that can accommodate as wide a range of applications as possible.  This is why a modular system would be appropriate, and you can actually get something like a 26mm inter-axial if you adopt a 1" format sensor.

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