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Hi Bill,

Here are some other:


Stereoscopic Player
Slide #17

Pigasus (Oculus Go & Oculus Quest):


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One of the things that makes digital 3D hard for newbies are all the
bewildering ways to package a stereoscopic image. To view the image,
the user is often put into the position of having to know and
understand the format in order to be able to set the software to view

Ideally, for a file that contains a 3D image, regardless of image
encoding (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc.), the format for that image would be
stored in the file's metadata. But success in getting such metadata
recognized tends to be top-down, i.e. a major company or standards
body has to propose and defined the standard. And for the average
user meta data also tends to be technically difficult to set, read,
and maintain.

Another approach is to put the metadata 'outside' of the file by
applying a suffix to the file name, just before the file's extension.
This is something within the control of virtually any content creator
and the conventions used could actually be influenced by a grass-roots
effort by the user community.

There are two programs I know of that use the suffix approach for
identifying the 3D format within the file:

# sView

# TriDef

For 3D videos only, I discovered two more...

# Plex

# CinemaVision

Are there any others that people are aware of?


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