Re: How To Publish Photos On


When scrolling the 3D flips between real 3D and pseudoscopic.

It is because when you scroll the page, the image is not aligned to the screen the same way.

The interlacing process is slow (for a computer, even if it looks fast) and it would be impracticable to redraw in realtime with the current technology.
Furthermore, I am not sure it would be possible to know exactly if it is displayed on an odd or even line.

However, when you click on the image, it will position the top always at the same place in the browser, so the same setting should probably work the same way from one image to another.

I doubt there are any standards as to whether odd lines are R or L, so supporting specific monitors would be a lot of continuing work.  There is a workaround that might be possible.   Since it remembers the viewer’s choice of display, probably using cookies, a simple button to select the polarity would suffice.  Presumably it would be stored by cookies. The only fly in the ointment is whether the info as to odd or even is available to the display server.  If it is not available, then a display app on the viewer’s machine would have to be created to make viewing comfortable without continually scrolling to find the correct spot.

In advanced parameters, you have the possibility to switch the polarity of the lines.
You can also type X key to quickly swap the images, but it will not be saved.


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