Re: platform


BTW, the member icons now look like little symbols in various colours rather than pictures.  Not sure this is the way it's suppose to be !

Yes, it's okay.
Personalized avatars subsystem is not ready yet, so there are randomly generated ones instead.

If I click the "download" button, images download as webp.

Too annoying to change.
You can convert yourself if you truly want it in jpeg.

About MPO, I did not though about them.
If someone knows how to handle them in python3/pillow library, it would help me to add this support.

It was actually very simple, just have to call "seek(1)" on the image object to retrieve the second picture from the MPO with this library.
I added MPO upload option considering the first image to be the left view and second image to be the right view. It seems to work with random sample from Fuji W3 I found on the Internet.

Of course there are several small improvements here and there, but I will not annoy everyone with all the changes.


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