Re: SView a universal display application


As to applications that use the metadata ...
Just to be clear here, there are all kinds of metadata standards.
In a JPEG file you might find...

- IPTC Core & Extension
- PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System)
- Dublin Core
- Exif

The last one is what most people mean when they talk about
metadata in a JPEG file.

The MPO format has it's own set of extensions to the Exif data,
which is described here:

The Fuji W3 camera sets a few of these MPO specific tags:

BaseLineLength: 0.075
BaseViewpointNum: 1
MPIndividualNum: 1 (for left) 2 (for right)
RepresentativeImageFlag: 1 (for left) 0 (for right)

I use exiftool to look at the MPO data, Apple's "Preview" program
understands and displays the MPO meta data and shows it for all
of the images in the file. (Remember, MPO is not a 3D image
format, it is a multi-image format which can be used for 3D
images, as well as other applications like panoramics.)

sView - interprets all or nearly all the metadata
This app of course recognizes an MPO file, but none of the MPO
meta data tags listed above can be found in the "image info"
dialog from an unedited Fuji W3 MPO file. Perhaps they are
simply omitted as not being of interest.

As for JPS, sView does not list any of the JPS specific metadata
from an LG thrill 3D phone image -- probably because there isn't
any! But it does have an interesting note at the bottom of the
"Image Info" dialog:

"Stereoscopic format: Cross-eyed (does not stored in metadata,
but detected from file name).

But the image from the LG most definitely is not cross-eyed. So
I'm guessing that sView is assuming that any .JPS is cross-eyed.

Magix Movie Edit Pro - sets the SBS jpg bit
Windows - it can display the thumbnail properly
YouTube - detects the SBS 3D bit
Can't speak to those programs.

Stereo Photo Maker ignores all metadata.
Is that actually the case? I don't know. Again, to be clear,
when I say metadata I mean Exif data in the file itself, not file
extensions or file naming conventions.

So now you have a short list of known applications that use the
3D metadata.
I'm not convinced you and I mean the same thing by "3D metadata"
and in my original post I was talking only about JPS files and 3D
metadata described in the JPS spec.

Now that I think about it, software created by VRex, such as
"DepthCharge Developer Studio", must have set and used the
described JPS metadata, since it was their own standard. But I
don't know anyone who has, or is still using, that software. Too
bad, I'd love to have a copy of it just for grins.


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