Re: Google Locked Red Hydrogen One

Rich Dubnow <rich@...>

Hello all,
I own my second Red Hydrogen Red phone and I can assure you there will be very little success in unlocking a red phone that does not have unlocked status to begin with.  
My first red was ATT locked and I was assured by the eBay seller that I could unlock it through an online service.  Not at all true.  Fortunately they took it back.  
I then purchased for $150  $250.00 less, an unlocked Verizon phone that works fine.  
Not sure how a red Hydrogen phone can be locked by Google.  Does Google sell phone service?

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On Jan 15, 2020, at 6:31 PM, robert mcafee via Groups.Io <geargod2@...> wrote:

I have seen some Red Hydrogen One phones for sale on eBay and elsewhere that were advertised as Google Locked.  I understand there is software available to unlock phones but may not be available / work for all models.

Can anyone advise if a Google Locked Red Hydrogen One can be unlocked without the original google account information?

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