Re: SView a universal display application


It assumes JPS has the image stored cross view, while SPM
assumes parallel storage.  There is, to my knowledge, no
standard for JPS,
Here is the full description of the JPS format...

There is metadata support for alternate layouts including
interleaved, SBS, over/under, anaglyph, etc. plus field order.
But the specification says the default is SBS, full height, right
field first. I read that as cross-eyed.

I am unaware of any application that either creates or reads this
JPS specific meta data. It looks like a well thought out
standard, but as far as I can tell it appears to have been pretty
much ignored by industry. My LG Thrill phone does indeed do
parallel SBS. Does it set the 'left field first' bit in the JPS
metadata? Beats me.

It's too bad that within this community we cannot claim JPS as
*the* preferred 3D still image format. We could not even come to
a consensus, in this forum, if JPS files should all be LR or RL.
I tried. So is it any wonder the sorry state of any sort of
general adoption of stereographic imaging?


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