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John Clement

There are still some issues being worked on.


sView has an inconsistency in display of SBS videos which have the 3D metadata tag set.  If the video, like most SBS, is anamorphic it displays it unexpanded even though it has 4:3 or 16:9 display aspect ratio.  Both Windows and YouTube correctly interpret this.  Magixc Movie Edit Pro sets the 3D bit, and downloaded YouTube 3D videos should also have it set.  However videos that are not recognized by YouTube as 3d will not have tha appropriate bit set.


DVDFab can rip subtitles as well as 3D movies from Blu-Rays to SBS.  The resulting subtitles did not display correctly, but that has been fixed.  I don’t know when this will appear in a new version.  DVDFab did not set the 3D tag, but I have not checked the latest version.


To display pictures and videos interchangeably you have to check the appropriate boxes.  There will be a box for both.  If only the picture/slide box is checked, sView will not show videos when you go to a folder containing videos.


It assumes JPS has the image stored cross view, while SPM assumes parallel storage.  There is, to my knowledge, no standard for JPS, but the defacto software usage seems to be assumed parallel storage.  The LG Thrill produces parallel SBS images and printed 3D pictures are parallel, but they are assumed to be used with a lorgnette or other viewer.  Arguments center on display, and there is no agreement there.


It uses the suffixes -2d for monoscopic, -LR or -RL for full width SBS and -LRQ for anamorphic SBS.  There are separate menus for input and output.  For best usage the input should be set to source.  Other settings will get rid of the “automatic” features.


Actually TriDef does have some settings for the order of the thumnails.  These settings allow you to access more images on the trial version.  Since I have huge collection of pictures in individual folders, the gallery is extremely confusing.   I have a set of main folders plus sub-folders.  TDG shows all of the subfolders which makes for a huge confusing gallery.  If it had just displayed just the immediate folders and not the sub-folders it would be vastly more usable.  Also the lack of the title text on the images is a big deficit.  An option for a simple list would have been desirable.  The gallery would also be much more usable if it had a search feature.  SPM has a list with micro thumbnails.  My big problem is that my fingers do not work well on touch screens, so a confusing gallery compounds the problem.  There is a reason for having sub-folders.  They make organization much easier.  Showing everything is rather like trying to find a book in a library where they are shelved by color and size.  I understand some old libraries do this!


John M. Clement


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I will try the SView update on one of my 3D phones tonight. 


Contrary to your preference, I liked the album feature of TriDef Gallery. However, that album feature would have been better if possible to choose display of thumbnails with options to sort by date or alphabetical by file name. I have a lot of images on one of my phones and it was not always useful to have all 3D file thumbnails displayed. So an option to show either all images or a specific folder would have been a nice feature. I would enjoy such features if incorporated into SView. 



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sView now can handle 2D and 3D intermixed, but there are still some glitches which Kirill is working out.

If you set the display input to source, it interprets the input according to the embedded metadata, but that is seldom there.

  1. Jpg files are by default considered 2D and are displayed appropriately
  2. Jps files are by default considered 3D
  3. Video files have some problems and we are working them out.
  4. It supports subtitles with some adjustability
  5. It uses the TriDef suffixes to interpret the source format
  6. MPO is automatically supported.
  7. Fuji AVI is automatically supported.
  8. It works on every device I have tried including Rokit, LG Thrill, Commander, King 7s,  Windows with LG fpr monitor.
  9. There will be an enhancement to allow intermixing slides and videos in a show.  It has the option of selecting videos, slides, or both in the trial version I have.
  10. The android version had 2 separate apps for video or slides, but they now are integrated and switch according to format.


We have been working on the Windows version, but once it is OK, an Android version will also be updated.  This comes close to being what is needed for 3D to become popular, however the options may still be too geeky for some folks.


There is no gallery function, but if you have a large number of folders with videos or slides a gallery can be more of a nuisance than a help.  I find a well ordered list of names to be quite adequate, but I also know how to use manual typewriters, card catalogs and phone books.  Have you seen any of these lately???  I find the TriDef gallery on Android to be a real nuisance and wish it had just a simple list.


Isaac Asimov was speaker at an RPI graduation.  During the introduction the answers he gave on his bio sheet were read.  To the question “Dr. Asimov to what do you attribute your prolific success as an author?”; he replied “To my ability to type 32 correct words per miute.”


John M. Clement


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