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I would be thrilled to get these improvements for my Freevi Commander.


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sView now can handle 2D and 3D intermixed, but there are still some glitches which Kirill is working out.
If you set the display input to source, it interprets the input according to the embedded metadata, but that is seldom there.
  1. Jpg files are by default considered 2D and are displayed appropriately
  2. Jps files are by default considered 3D
  3. Video files have some problems and we are working them out.
  4. It supports subtitles with some adjustability
  5. It uses the TriDef suffixes to interpret the source format
  6. MPO is automatically supported.
  7. Fuji AVI is automatically supported.
  8. It works on every device I have tried including Rokit, LG Thrill, Commander, King 7s,  Windows with LG fpr monitor.
  9. There will be an enhancement to allow intermixing slides and videos in a show.  It has the option of selecting videos, slides, or both in the trial version I have.
  10. The android version had 2 separate apps for video or slides, but they now are integrated and switch according to format.
We have been working on the Windows version, but once it is OK, an Android version will also be updated.  This comes close to being what is needed for 3D to become popular, however the options may still be too geeky for some folks.
There is no gallery function, but if you have a large number of folders with videos or slides a gallery can be more of a nuisance than a help.  I find a well ordered list of names to be quite adequate, but I also know how to use manual typewriters, card catalogs and phone books.  Have you seen any of these lately???  I find the TriDef gallery on Android to be a real nuisance and wish it had just a simple list.
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