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John Rupkalvis

Great article, Ronnie.  A lot of stereoscopic history in the automobile industry.  I have a lenticular 3-D picture sponsored by Nash in the early 1950s.  

That list of commercial View-Master reels does not include one that StereoMed, Inc. produced for the Schering pharmaceutical company.  That one was distributed to medical doctors in a box that included a V-M viewer.  A dermatologist, Dr. Irving Katz MD, is the president of StereoMed.  I am vice president of StereoMed and worked with Irving on the photography and design of that reel, as well as the StereoMed 3-D cameras that were used to create the images.  

John A. Rupkalvis


On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 12:14 PM autothreads@... <autothreads@...> wrote:
Small world. That's my article on the Nash-Healey sports car. Thanks for
posting about it. A while back I contacted George Mason's grandson to
see if the family happened to have any of his 3D slides but they're lost
to time.

Here's another piece I did about the history of 3D and Virtual Reality
in the auto industry:

Ronnie Schreiber

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